this always happens when the put in a new roll, it hangs wrong!



I celebrated my 50th birthday at a lovely bistro and with the help of a friend I even found out that the paper is hanging properly πŸ™‚




Augsburg 342-30

February 3, 2014

today t a customer site, paper was hanging proper but what astonished me was the wall paper! Trust me, no employee stays too long n the toilet πŸ˜€

klo augsburg

Back again in Hannover where the paper was hanging proper again. Best thing though was the fact that they restarted the old habit again by giving me nuts/sweets and apples πŸ™‚




Chalet R in G-NG 340-31

December 8, 2013

some people want to stay anonymous so therefore the strange title πŸ™‚ whatever, a lovely bathroom fully in purple with correct hanging paper bringing the counter to 340-31 πŸ™‚IMG00456-20131207-2121

Hotel Hafen Hamburg 339-31

November 11, 2013

I have been to this Hotel 3 years ago and then I was lucky as I had a room facing the harbor, this time I unfortunately have a room to the back.

Whatever, the paper is hanging correct πŸ™‚


Funny item in the bathroom, a little duck πŸ™‚



The show continues and this time I’m back in the Leonardo Hannover Airport. The paper doesn’t hang nice but correct πŸ™‚



On the road again after a week of vacation, this time in Berlin for the next event. I entered this hotel and it looked familiar. The reception helped me as I stayed here in 2008 when this was still a Best Western Hotel.

Whatever, the paper is still hanging correct bringing the counter to 337-31 πŸ™‚


all fne in Heusenstamm


Technikmuseum Speyer 335-31

October 17, 2013

funny to find a Boeing 747-230 display model with correct hanging paper πŸ™‚