Düsseldorf Park Inn Hotel 213-19

September 24, 2010

I flew back from Stockholm and when I landed in FRA at 19:00 I got a call from a partner that our system they wanted to use the next day wasn’t working. So I asked him if he had installed the latest software as I had discussed with his colleague. He didn’t have the software as he wasn’t aware of it….I nearly exploded….

This ment that I had to rush home and download the software from our server in Israel which took me 4,5 hours. Went to bed at 00:30 and at 05:00 I got up again to rush to the event. I arrived at 07:45 and at 09:52 the system was up and running. Just in time as the event started at 10:00

Not really the way you want to start your day but the place where the event took place was marvelous. It is called Meilenwerk http://www.meilenwerk.de/Meilenwerk_Duesseldorf_index.php and this is an event place where people can store, buy and sell their luxery cars. At 11:00 hours I had a Conf Call and it was funny to sit between millions of Euros.

oooh, almost forgotten, the paper was hanging correct. 🙂


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