April 17, 2010

I was forced to use a product I hate mostly….a TRAIN!! At least I was smart enough(doesn’t happen often) to book a train ticket myself online and not going to the Munich airport to let Lufthansa do this. Through this I was on time in the train, could kick somebody from my place, look at people who sat next to me or opposite and had to leave these places for people who reserved those places. After the cattle train left fully loaded for his next stop in Nuremberg even more people tried to get on the train to give you the Indian train feeling and we then heard an announcement that the train is overloaded and would not continue if not some people would leave the train….gosh what a fun. Eventually we left and after 4 hours we arrived in Frankfort Airport. Here again you would reckon that I’m a frequent flyer but not a train traveler. It is actually simple as first line is the Highway, the next line the railway station and parking lots and then over a walking bridge to the airport. I do this on a daily basis coming from the airport side and I can walk it blindfolded….but this time I came from the dark side and actually had to ask a cop….the guy is probably still laughing.. But! I had an appointment with my hair dresser and I arrived exactly at 14:00 hours at the hair dressers! 🙂

to show you how simple it is to the parking lot from the train side, look below.

but this is nothing compared to my colleague who was grounded in Barcelona and wanted to go back to Brussels. He took the bus last night as in France the trains were on strike and is expected to arrive 14 hours later…he is gonna be dead when he arrives.


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