Hotel Entreé Hamburg 187-16

April 13, 2010

Nice little hotel in the north of Hamburg. WiFi is FOC but it collapses all the time which is painful.

paper was also hanging correct and then I found this coffee mug at the customer site. It’s a HSV mug (football) and this is just for my colleague CvG who is a fan of Standard Luik. 🙂


4 Responses to “Hotel Entreé Hamburg 187-16”

  1. Alexandra said

    Is this mug clean or yet to be washed? I do hope the latter!!!

    Anyway, greetings from lovely Shanghai – NOT! On the bright side the weather is improving from 5 degrees, hail and storms to 15 degrees and sunshine today!
    And I have been to Dragonfly!

    Not checking the loo paper – better not to look too close 😉

  2. sbolderh said

    Hi Alex,
    the mug was just cleaned by a Chinese lady 🙂
    how did you get out Shangbabwe? Guess you had time for some additional treatments at the Dragonfly?
    p.s. your response was hanging

    • Alexandra said

      Of course it was hanging – it was censured! Anyway, got out thanks to Emirates via Dubai to Nice and then in a mini bus to Paris – 36h round trip! But at least I am OUT! Many people still in Shangbabwe!!

      • Steph said

        I should more often check if there are any replies…mea culpa.
        36 hours, not bad! Frits had some nice issues with chinese visa people who didn’t understand that he couldn’t tell them with which flight he would leave when 🙂

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